Bird Feeders by Theme

jac designs produces unique, handmade bird feeders and Hummingbird feeders in a variety of colors, and themes. View our ocean-themed bird feeders, and our sports-themed bird feeders.

Sports-Themed Bird Feeders


Football-shaped glass with 49ers colors on top and bottom. 49ers charm on top, and fireplace tool on bottom. 

Dimensions: 6 x 26

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Football shaped glass with Oakland Raiders colors on top and bottom. Top is adorned with charms, and fireplace tool on bottom.

Dimensions: 8 x 24

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Ocean-Themed Bird Feeders

The Sea

Aqua, artist-blown glass with coral top adorned with blue and green beads, and whale charms. Gold Starfish charm affixed to coral. Fireplace tool affixed to a ceramic plate bottom.

9w x 24h

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